"I just finished reading Sandy Hanna's book, "The Ignorance of Bliss" and feel like I should say that it's a must-read for any Saigon Kid (or military brat) and contains a lot of historical details you won't find anywhere else...I totally enjoyed reading this and seeing Saigon through the eyes of a mischievous ten-year-old girl...Her voice is consistent throughout and you really feel that she's talking to you at all times." 
Les Arbuckle (Author of "Saigon Kids).

​"Through exceptional storytelling, weaving together a  tapestry of complex, yet surprising relatable experiences, the author helps you to truly understand the beauty and struggle of the ancient culture that is Vietnam...This is not just another book about the Vietnam war. This is an education about Vietnam before the war, the fragility of human understanding, the dangers of not learning from misunderstood failings, and how to navigate a landscape with nothing more than a bit of Zen."      Mark N.


"An unexpected perspective of Vietnam through an American child's eyes. So well done."     Corey Fair

"I really SUGGEST that you read this new book. I couldn't put it down...A truly WILD and wonderful adventure. I want you all to get to see a part of history, that all of our pasts have never encountered."    Laura Keller