The Ignorance of Bliss

​"On the surface, The Ignorance of Bliss: An American Kid in Saigon, is rousing memoir recounting the two year deployment of an American Army Colonel and his family to the Paris of the Orient, known then as Saigon, Vietnam. In of itself this makes delightful storytelling. However, the lens through which the narrqtive is told is both multi-focal and layered. Each childhood recollection is conveyed with the naivete and childhood wonder in which it was experienced at the time. These recollections are followed by historical footnotes illuminating the deeper unrest and political intrigue of the early 1960’s which went largely unrecognized by the world at large. Throughout the narrative, the author recounts scenarios in which delight and discomfort co-existed but only the delight was fully acknowledged. Resilience abounds in the author's family yet each family member struggles, independent of one another, to adapt to and make meaning of the imprint of a society and culture simultaneously luxurious and foul with decay. At the center of the family, yet often removed from it daily life, is the Colonel. In many ways this is as much his story as it is the author's. His poignant transition from idealistic soldier to thoughtful critic of the US involvement in Vietnam serves as the structure for the book's storytelling arc."

Barb Hamm, Amazon Customer Book Review